Get Out. Seriously.

Few movies make me want to get out of my seat and like, run. Not away because the movie is so bad, but I need to be moving to continue watching what the fuck is unfolding in front of me. I dunno, is that a symptom of my ADD?

I had to go back and watch this again, as I do with some of the best movies I’ve seen, just to completely absorb all that went down. First of all, I love Key and Peele. Probably the biggest comedic geniuses since Fey and Poehler (possibly bigger and better, but I take points away for suffering through Keanu.)  And Peele’s writing for Get Out was absolutely prime. Seldom do we see thrillers that are written so wryly that you sit there and whisper-shout to the person next to you “did you just HEAR that?!?!?!”

Situational irony is abound in this flick, and I ate that shit up. Honestly, some of the more cheesy plot points (the main character being a hipster black photographer, inexplicably making him the perfect victim of this “Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Suburbia Edition” comes to mind) are easily overlooked for the stellar writing of the action. Finally, finally we see an original plot about the struggles of a minority that isn’t just a biopic, as important and underrated as biopics are. We get a fantastic picture that not only satirizes the alt-whites of America, but also pisses them off in real time.

Moving from the writing, we get some pretty great performances abound, of which I have to say the most captivating was Keith Stanfield as Andre/Logan. I didn’t realize until later that he was in Short Term 12 as Marcus and seeing that now reminded me how much of a powerhouse this guy is. Whoever thought putting Bradley Whitfield in a thriller like this deserves a pay raise honestly. Finally, not forgetting our leading man Daniel Kaluuya in what will definitely be his breakout role. Now, Hollywood, can we check our inventory of incredible black actors and use them??

One thing I want to touch on that somewhat has something to do with bad reviews and film. While a critic’s opinion is always subjective (who gives a shit about what I or anyone else out here thinks), the use of an opinion is a powerful force. What I mean is while I work  at this and get better, it’s important to remember that my opinion might shape another person’s decision to see a movie, and possibly even how they’ll feel about it. I think some critics tend to forget this, or they get too big for their britches and use it for shitty motives, like knocking a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes down just because. If something is not deserving of a great review (and let’s face it, Get Out is one of the few well-deserving films) then it’s understandable. But let’s not forget that in this day and age things like this, if not administered correctly, can come off as racist and somewhat unfavorable, especially since the subject matter is about how one race treats another in this alternate universe. With great power comes great responsibility, and even greater responsibility to prevent shitty people from doing shitty things.


Rating: 10/10.


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