Hey There!

Because it’s no longer acceptable to push my movie opinions on my coworkers and customers (I work at a movie theater) I’ve decided to start my own film blog. As a former film major in college, I will add a disclaimer: I will not be gentle. Be aware that I will trash your favorite movie if necessary to drive a point, not because it gives me great pleasure to destroy all of your ideals (however, let’s be realistic, I absolutely love destroying your opinion on The Notebook), but because I think we all deserve a proper education on what separates the good from the Greats (a real concept, I don’t play at this “we should all just get an Oscar” shit).

The most common concepts I look at when addressing a film: the story, the camera, and the action. It’s a trifecta, people, and if you don’t get one concept then you won’t get the other two. I am a purist, so to speak, and I think there’s something to say when a movie acknowledges all three parts on an equal level. More on that once we get to the critiques.

I’m also going to be heavily focusing on the thought that drives film, as well as the film that drives thought. Meaning this (and this is the most important part of filmmaking, in my humble opinion): all films are meant to invoke a thought. Maybe it’s political, maybe it’s spiritual, maybe it’s societal, or maybe it’s plain ol’ escapism. Whatever that thought may be, it’s always there. We as a society are always seeking answers, and once upon a time film was one of those answers. Nowadays it somewhat remains the same, but with a shitload of CGI and green screen. I digress.

A little about me: I graduated from James Madison University (go Dukes) in December of 2016. I’m currently working at the local Regal in my town as a gig until I make enough money to go to LA. I want to one day write and direct my own films, and hope that maybe in the future I’ll be so graciously criticized by some 20-something brat on the internet. For now, this is a side gig to bide my time and to entertain an audience consisting of probably my mom and a couple close friends.

Another disclaimer: I’m not a professional Roger Ebert, ok? My opinions don’t really mean much to anyone except myself and the small audience stated above. I’m not collecting money on this to trash or to applaud anybody’s work. That said, don’t @ me for thinking X-Men are better than Avengers, or for anything else. I’m not here to tell you what to think, and so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try to tell me what I think.

That said, please enjoy!

Header image from Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, 2014.


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